The Respite Room

About Us

Welcome to The Respite Room. We are a collective on a mission to highlight mental health issues based on our own experiences with a want to help others. We have all experienced varying degrees and aspects of mental health issues and discovered a common bond with a want to express ourselves in our own way.

The Respite Room is a safe space to discuss issues surrounding panic disorder, anxiety and depression. It will start as a site, podcast and blog. We don’t want it to be clinical or stuffy, but open, honest, vibrant, calming, approachable and helpful.

We are not experts, we don't have qualifications in the mental health field and we are not doctors. What we are is people that have experienced these things on mild to extreme levels. We have lived through these experiences and continue to battle with them.

We hope you find some kind of solace in our space.

RR x