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We would like to introduce the music art of our site - A Sonic Hug.

Firstly, we would like to thank Ian Greenhill from Studio Something for giving us our name!

We have a few things coming up that will hopefully contribute to in some way to folks.

Gig Pals

Back in July I tweeted this and got such a large response that I thought it would be wonderful to set up a community to accompany people to gigs.

We therefore decided we are going to help raise money for people to obtain their First Aid Mental Health certificate so they were better equipped when it came to understanding and accompanying.

The Venue Initiative

As mentioned on socials, we have started contacting and collating floor plans, seating plans, venue capacity, toilet and exit positions and more from live performance venues. For people with social anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, general anxiety, depression and more, it can be a monumental task to go to live events. People can sometimes spend days, weeks, even months planning and researching where they are going so they can ensure they are ok. We are building a database on our site of Glasgow venues (to begin with) that will have all this information on so that people can plan more easily.

The Merch Stall

We have started teaming up an illustrator with a musician and asking them to create a t-shirt/piece of merchandise and will be putting it on sale. All proceeds from sales will be going to mental health charities.

The Playlist Club

Each month we have a different artist who will be curating a playlist, we will then be putting together a special postal package for members with details of the playlist and some other bits and pieces including words of encouragement. A keepsake if you like.

More details on these individual activities are coming soon. If you are interested in helping out in any way then please do email us on respiteroom@gmail.com