Mel Reeve is an archivist and writer. She has experience of living with depression, anxiety and PTSD and is still working on how to live her life to the fullest within the constraints of her mental health. She has contributed writing and poetry to a variety of sites, zines and publications, including the debut issue of Marbles Mag, music reviews for GoldFlakePaint and others. She recently had an essay published in 404Ink's wildly successful Nasty Women anthology, on what it is like to be a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse. She lives in Glasgow with her enormous cat. Some of her work can also be found through Fear of Making Art Press (@fomapress)

WebsitePCDYT.tumblr.com | Twitter: @melreeve | Instagram: @melreeve


Paula McGuire is an adventurer, speaker and author, but, most of all, she’s a trier. 

For thirty years Paula lived under a rock, somewhere on the outskirts of every social situation, suffering crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression that would eventually rob her of even the most basic freedoms. After decades of medication and intervention, adventure became Paula’s personal therapy in 2012, when she became Paula Must Try Harder, trying the 17 Commonwealth sports, exposing her to constant risk and enabling her to fight her way back into the world. 

Ever since, Paula has terrified herself daily in the name of recovery, and now spends all that nervous energy challenging herself to wild exploits and encouraging others to allow a little fear into their days. From skinny-dipping and flying a jet to going shopping on her own, Paula’s adventures have covered the bizarre and the banal, and demonstrate that living a happy, full life with anxiety really is possible

Websitepaulamusttryharder.co.uk | Facebook: facebook.com/pmusttryharderTwitter: @pmusttrayharder 


Halina works full time in the Scottish music industry. A blogger, podcaster and PR, she has used music to help in her recovery. Having been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in 2003 she subsequently developed panic disorder, extreme anxiety and agoraphobia. 

She writes My Rad Fat Diary for women's collective TYCI. A diary looking at her journey being a plus size woman and embarking on a weight loss journey. She has since lost 103lbs and continues in her bid to reach goal.  

Twitter: @halina1979 Instagram: @myradfatdiary