Walking Club - Queens Park


We are delighted to be launching our wee Saturday morning walking club. We have been conscious that we want to make things more tangible. Social interaction, nature and fresh air are all things proven to help mental health. 

I (Halina) will be at the main gates of Queens Park (map below) and each week (this might be subject to change due to other commitments or illness), I will take a gentle route around the park. 

Important things to note:

·      This is a voluntary club and it is free.

·      I do have a Mental Health First Aid Certificate, but I am not medically trained.

·      If you have any health conditions that potentially could affect you then it is advised that you consult your GP to make sure this is ok for you.

·      Please make sure you have suitable footwear and clothing for all weathers. I want you to be warm and comfortable!

·      Please bring a bottle/container of water. It is super important to keep hydrated.

·      Make sure you have had something to eat in the morning. It is also important that you have something in your tummy!

·      The walk will last for anything up to an hour to begin and we will look at increasing this.

·      You don’t need to stay for the full walk, you can leave at any time.

·      If you have issues with agoraphobia and stay near the Southside, I am happy to come and collect you. I have been there and sometimes it is hard enough leaving the house.

Most importantly, I want this to make you happy!

If you are interested in coming along, or have any more questions in advance then I can be contacted on 07943104257 or by emailing respiteroom@gmail.com

Meeting point:

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.08.27.jpg

A picture of the gates is below: 

Halina Rifai